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The Wheelstand pro has received a number of official reviews in the United Kingdom and North America and many unofficial ones on websites and forums around the world

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Received my wheel stand pro today and I'm very impressed with the overall build quality. Customer service has been top notch and the product itself is perfect, just what I was looking for!
Also very impressed with the speed of delivery!
Thanks, Jamie, Australia

I've received the package Tuesday morning (11/04)... and what can I say... your product rocks!!!
I'm sending you this email only to say that it exceeded my expectations in terms of quality and stability.
Nice work guys. Kind regards, Fernando (a happy customer :) ), Portugal

Thank you very much for the wheelstandpro (G25) This stand is so brilliant its untrue. It ticks every single box you can think of!!! 1) It is sturdy under intense driving conditions 2) It folds away 3) Bespoke for G25 4) Pedals are a comfortable fit 5) It stays completely still (the stand has complete rubber feet) 5) Looks nice (Goes well with my black and silver furnishings at home!) 5) The gearstick could go either side (left or right) This is the complete solution which everyone should be made aware of especially with Gran Turismo 5 prologue arriving on the 28th March. Thanks again, and for the very fast delivery! Francis, UK

Just to let you know that I got my wheel stand. It is a great product, just what I wanted and I'm having a lot of fun with it. :) Many thanks, Steve , UK

Had a chance to play with it last night, it's awesome! I didn't realize it would be quite as solid as it is, a very pleasant surprise! It's very solid both in build and stability and really allows you to comfortably use the wheel and pedals wherever you want, couch, chair, probably would work standing now that I think about it
 Great product!
Jeremy, US

That was delivered bloody quickly!!!! Thank you for a great and speedy service. It's an excellent product and I will be recommending it to all!
 Regards, Mike , UK

I got the stand Tuesday this week. The quality and design of the stand is excellent! Thanks for a great product and service.
Brian, US

I already received the wheelstandpro yesterday morning (tuesday), after having ordered it on friday evening last week. Brilliant and fast service! The utility is fantastic. And it is even stylish![...] I am improving my performance on GT 5 Pro significantly.
Thank you very much.
Reiner, Germany

Received this morning, it's a great piece of kit. Expect to see a good review from me on the internet.
Paul, UK

I recieved the wheelstand last Monday. I have to say, PERFECT!!!! The stand is great and folds away nice out of view in my small apartment. You saved me months of headache trying to find someone to build one for me. Customs did not charge me, and they did not say anything at all about it. Your customer service has been superior, and your response to emails have been prompt and informative. 
Thank you for a wonderful product.
Sincerely, Corey, Argentina

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